IST, GEW, Vti, etc … are the equipment manufacturers. We offer reflectors which are at least as good as the originals. We have a huge stock of UV reflectors and so they are immediately available.

LampTech UV-Reflectors

LampTech UV-Reflectors

  1. IST 48mm large
  2. IST 40mm large
  3. GEW 39mm large
  4. GEW quartz filter
  5. VTI / UV Ray / Kamann 48mm large
  6. Eltosch 300x62mm
  7. Eltosch 273x70mm
  8. Hönle/Grafix 211×60
  9. Hönle/Grafix 211×31
  10. Integration Technology
  11. Uviterno Jumbo
  12. GEW 400x31mm
  13. Gallus RCS 330
  14. GEW Nuva
  15. Gallus R200 flat 248x20mm
  16. VTI flat 220x20mm
  17. VTI flat 228x28mm


For quotation and correct identification of your UV-Reflector, please click on “Questionnaire“, to send the technical details to LampTech.