Ultraviolet Lamps


LampTech manufactures and distributes a wide range of UV-Lamps for a big quantity of applications such as: offset and dry offset printing, silk-screen printing, label printing, flexo printing, metal printing, furniture and wood coatings, plastic cup printing, glass printing, air and water sterilization, letterpress printing, compact disc printing, UV-glue curing, diazo film and plate …

In addition, there are applications for UV in the PCB industry, water and air disinfection, and various adhesive applications.

You can get our lamps doped with mercury, gallium, indium, iron and combinations.

Our UV-Lamps are guaranteed for for 1.500 hours.

For quotation and correct identification of your UV-emitter, please click on “Questionnaire“, to send the technical details to LampTech.