IR Lamps


LampTech manufactures single and twin tube infrared emitters for presses made by Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Komori, Akyama, Mitsubishi, Sakurai …

We supply lamps to fit in systems such as Eltosch, Grafix, Piller, Herberts, Jac De Vries, etc.

Especially for the DRUPA we now can supply the full range of Heidelberg replacement lamps, including Piller, Drystar range as well as our innovative fast middle wave emitters.


We offer 5,000 hours warranty on short and fast middle wave bulbs. We offer 20,000 hours warranty on middle wave bulbs.

For a quotation and correct identificationof your infrared emitter, please click on “Questionnaire” to send the technical details to LampTech.